Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19 Dalkeith Museum will be closed to the public from 17 March until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience but this decision has been made to safeguard both our volunteers and visitors.

Dalkeith History Society meetings have also been postponed until further notice.

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Selected stores and old pictures of the people and places in and around Dalkeith.

Old Dalkeith Volume 1 (first published in 1984)

Old Dalkeith Volume 2 (1985)

Old Dalkeith Volume 3(1989)

Each booklet 30 pages A4

Price £3.50 from the Museum
Postage and packing £2.50 for 1
Or £3.00 for all 3

As well as publications, maps and reference books for perusal during a visit, the Museum has several publications available for sale.

Books can also be mailed on request. The cost of the book plus relevant postage and packaging costs must be received, by cheque made payable to Dalkeith History Society, and sent to the Museum, before items will be dispatched.